Grand Lighting GL200 fixture


GL200 Gen II led gobo projector

The 200W is going to be step up from the 100W which tends to be a customers choice if they are wanting to increase the image size with a wider angle lens but still need it bright.

  • Lens: 2 fixed lens options to choose from depending on your installation (speciality built lenses are also available)
  • Approx. Size: 330mm length (including lens) | 300mm height (with base) | 5.6kg weight
  • Lightsource: 200W Cool White LED (Warm white is available on request)
  • Gobo Size: 66mm OD | 44mm ID (for logo projection), 38mm (for soft breakups)

Projection Solutions: Large building facade projections | Recessed projector for bright area | 10m-15m+ evening projection distances | Pole mounted and long throw projections