Dichroic & Effect Filters

Dichroic Filters

Gobotech can supply you with 50mm dichroic glass for architectural downlights as well as custom cut dichroic made on borofloat glass. These filters are cut to suit the individual customer requirement and can be made as large as 700mm.

Please note that dichroic filters show one colour when light passes through at 90degres and another colour if the light passes through at an angle. This can be used to great effect as an architectural feature but may not be ideal if you decided to use a 500w flood as a stage wash.

For an approximation of available colours in the standard colour range, you can download our PDF below.

Unique Lighting Effects

Effect Gobo Filters

Effect Glass

Frosted, rippled, or bubbled effect glass is textured high-temperature glass that can be used to create unique lighting effects. We can supply textured glass cut to your required size.

Kaleidoscope Gobos

Choosing from our current available colours, kaleidoscope effect gobos are handcrafted using shattered dichroic glass.

The finished result is a beautiful multicoloured projection. Changing the focus of the fixture also changes the finished projection.

Frosted glass, kaleidoscope and effect glass gobos