Leading specialist in gobo projection

Gobotech is uniquely placed as not only being Australia’s leading specialist in logo and image projection but the only full range gobo manufacturer in the country.  Since 1994 we have been supplying gobo solutions for businesses, councils, lighting designers as well as supplying the corporate and event industry.

Our factory is located on the northern end of the Gold Coast, with all our gobos being made in house. We manufacture colour, black and white glass and stainless-steel gobos as well as supply custom dichroic filters and complete gobo projector packages.

Our Promise to You

Gobo Projection Solutions

Image projection is our passion. Our mission is to exceed your expectations and guide you to achieve the best result possible. We do this through:

Honest, open advice and guidance

We will always be honest and make recommendations based on our expertise in gobo projection, to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

Creative thinking & complete gobo solutions

We love it when our customers think outside the box. Have a chat to us about what you want to achieve, and we will work with you to come up with a complete solution.

Quality & Consistency

With each gobo being hand crafted, we pride ourselves in the highest quality and attention to detail.

Fast Turnaround Custom Gobos

We will work with you to try and achieve the impossible to ensure your event doesn’t suffer. Our gobos are locally made, enabling us to offer you the fastest turnaround available. 

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Whether you are an expert lighting designer, or complete beginner, our team at Gobotech is here to guide you, and help you throughout your project.