Custom Gobos

Gobotech specialises in custom gobos. We supply not only the highest quality gobos but also the fastest turnaround available within Australia. For over 25 years we have worked closely with the top lighting designers, staging, and event companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands to ensure they get the best projections possible, and on-time delivery.

We manufacture colour, black and white glass, as well as stainless steel gobos. All our gobos are made locally within Australia, in our Gold Coast factory. This means you are dealing directly with the manufacturer and enables us to offer you the fastest and most reliable turnaround for your event or permanent installation.



We require the following information to be able to provide you with an acurate quote and is required prior to an order getting underway:

  • Artwork
  • Gobo Projector Details
  • Deadline



For us to accurately quote on your custom design we need to see the artwork.

Quite often the person who is ordering the gobo is not the end customer, or the person who has created the artwork. Or it is an initial inquiry, and no artwork has been created. We understand you may require a quote, however if this is the case, we can only give you a pricing guide.

We do not recommend giving your end client a final quote unless we have seen the artwork and confirm what can be manufactured.

Gobo Projector Details

There is no such thing as standard sizing when it comes to gobos. What fits in one fixture, will not necessarily fit in another. There are also a lot of fixtures these days that have thickness or material restrictions.

The gobo size, as well as any thickness or material restrictions, is going to depend on the make and model of light you are using.

If you are going through an audio visual or event company, they will need to give you the light and sizing details. If you have purchased the light, then the supplier will have this information.



Most of the time gobos are a last-minute decision, so it is of the utmost importance you let us know when your deadline is, when you first contact us.

We will always prioritise jobs based on the most urgent requirements.


Here at Gobotech we manufacture:

  • Full Colour Glass
  • Spot Colour Glass
  • Black & White Glass (also known as blackline)
  • Stainless Steel

You can learn about the different types of gobos here

PLEASE NOTE: Not all designs are available in all gobo types.

Once we know what make and model of light is being used and see the artwork, we will give you every option that’s available for that design to suit your gobo projector.




We use a high-resolution process to manufacture our gobos, however we can only produce a gobo as good as the artwork that we are supplied with.

It is important to supply us artwork based on the following guidelines, to help us achieve the best result possible for your image projection.

Need help creating artwork? We have an in-house design team available to assist.

Vector Artwork – for Company Logos/Text

Vector art, also known as line art, is how graphic designs design logos etc. Vector art is able to be scaled up or down, and never lose its quality. If you are projecting a company logo, text or illustrations, then ideally we need the artwork in the following format:

Vector art | saved as an illustrator EPS file | text converted to outlines

Colour mode: CMYK

Note: Vector art can also be saved as a .pdf / .ai / .svg


Pixel Artwork – for photographic images/Artwork

Pixel artwork is made up of small dots (pixels). The higher the pixels per inch (ppi) the higher the resolution.

If you are projecting photographic images or pixel created artwork, then ideally we need the artwork in the following format:

2100 x 2100 px file | 600dpi resolution (minimum) | layered .psd file (if possible)

Colour mode: CMYK or RGB

Note: Pixel artwork can also be saved as .pdf / .eps or .ai (ensure your image is embedded) / .tiff / .jpg




Our gobos are made to order, in our Gold Coast factory. The team at Gobotech will work with you, to get your gobo order manufactured and shipped as quickly as possible, to ensure it arrives in time for your event.

Please ensure you let us know when you first contact us, when you need your gobo for!

The below timeframes start from when we receive approval of proof and payment has been received.

Glass Gobos: 

  • B&W – Allow 2-3 full business days.
  • Spot Colour – Allow 3-4 full business days.
  • Full Colour – Allow 4-5 full business days.

Note: Tighter turnarounds are available on glass. The above timeframes do not including shipping timeframes.

Stainless Steel Gobos:

  • This is only manufactured once a week, orders need to be in by COB Monday, and we ship out on the Thursday.



We will always use an express courier service unless requested otherwise. This means we need a street address (not a PO Box) to deliver to.

  • Standard Express Delivery: Delivery is usually within 1-3 days depending on where we are shipping to.
  • Pickup: You can also pick up from us. Our factory is located not too far from Dreamworld, on the Gold Coast.
  • Time sensitive freight: There are other courier services available if you need something handled a little more personally. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Note: Unfortunately, freight timeframes are not something we can control. All freight companies are experiencing higher volumes and stricter protocols since COVID-19, which is affecting the cost of freight and causing delivery days.

We will send you through a tracking number once your gobo order leaves us. Please make sure you track your item and follow up immediately if there is an issue.

Although we do not have control over freight, we will try our best to help you if an issue does arise, so your event does not suffer.



  1. Send us an email, ensuring you have supplied us with your artwork, gobo size requirements and deadline.
  2. We will check over everything and let you know if we require any more information.
  3. If we have everything, one of our team members will email you back a proof and pricing for gobo options, based on your artwork and gobo projectors requirements.
  4. Once we receive approval of proof and payment, we get your order underway.
  5. You will receive a tracking number as soon the order leaves us

Want to learn more about gobos?

We have created a guide to gobos, to help you understand the process and spark your imagination for your next project.