Wedding & special event gobos

Lighting can transform your event space into something spectacular for your guests.

You can design your lighting to complement your decor or theme with some of our stock gobo designs or a project a custom monogram or birthday/anniversary message to add a beautiful finishing touch to your wedding or special event.

An Elegant Touch to Your Wedding Day

Wedding Monogram Projection

Projecting the bride and grooms’ names or initials on the dance floor, or behind the bridal table, creates an impact worthy of the special occasion at hand.

You can either choose from one of our pre-made designs or send us through your design to have transformed into a custom gobo. You could even use your hashtag as a gobo design.

Often the setup is a simple addition of a suitable gobo projector. If you are having a wedding, we encourage you to have a chat to your venue, event organiser or DJ.  If you need to be put in touch with a professional in your area, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Gobotech.

Premade wedding monogram designs

Below is an example of our pre-made wedding monogram designs. These are black and white glass designs, which will be made with your names, or initials and manufactured to suit the make and model of gobo projector you are using.

Transform Your Event Space

Breakup Gobo Projections

We have an extensive range of beautiful breakup designs to transform your event space into something extraordinary.

These could be moving, but we find the most effective are simple static projections repeated throughout the space, whether on the ceiling or on the walls, creating a magical feel to the room.

Most of the designs are available in stainless steel in most sizes, making them very cost-effective. Have a chat to your venue or event organiser to see what gobo equipment they have available. If you need to be put in touch with a professional in your area, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Gobotech.

Stock Breakup Designs

Below is an example of some of our stock break-up designs. These are stainless steel designs, which will work in any suitable fixture that can take stainless steel gobos with a minimum image diameter of 40mm or above. You can view more designs in our online stock gobo catalogue.

Question about gobos?

Whether you are an experienced lighting designer, or a complete beginner, our team at Gobotech is here to guide you, and answer any questions you have about gobos and gobo projectors