Grand Lighting

GL30 XHP70_L25 Fanless LED Gobo Projector

Encased in an IP65 enclosure this fully weatherised fixture is perfect for your outdoor installation and compact and quiet to use indoors.

The high quality optical system produces a crisp vivid gobo image and the flat field gives you a crystal clear projection right to the edge.

All come with your choice of fixed lens to suit your location and built in gobo rotation that can be easily turned on or off using the front facia button.


  • High quality optical system offers sharp image quality
  • Low weight and compact design
  • IP65 suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • 4 Fixed lens options available
  • Built in rotation
  • Quiet fanless operation making it suitable for indoor use
  • Available in either black or silver
  • Cool white LED as standard. Warm white available upon request
Projection Solutions: Logo projection for a business entrance | Exhibition display booths | Building tenant list | Directional signage | Image projection in bars or clubs | Footpath logo projection | Building Facia projection | Outside events | Pole mounted urban lighting design | Projection safety signage
fixture in use Specifications Image Size and Brightness downloads

Funky Mexican Cantina | Restaurant Entrance | Grand Lighting GL30 fitted with custom full colour glass gobo

Harry's Jeans | Interior Ceiling Mounted | Grand Lighting GL30 fitted with custom B&W glass gobo

Campari Baron Samedi | Laneway Festival | Grand Lighting GL30 fitted with custom B&W glass gobo

AFL Queensland | Changeroom Ceiling Mounted | Grand Lighting GL30XHP70 fitted with custom full colour glass gobo

physical dimensions

  • Length (excluding lens): 170mm
  • Length (including lens): approx. 250mm
  • Width (with knobs): 185mm
  • Body Height: 130mm
  • Height (with base): 215mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • External power supply: 170mm x 62mm x 38mm


  • External power supply IP65 Meanwell HLG-40H-15A
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Average power consumption: 30 watts


  • Outside diameter: 53.3mm (+0/-.03mm)
  • Maximum image diameter: 25mm (for flat field crisp projection eg logos) / 30mm (for soft edges, eg: breakup images)
  • Maximum thickness: up to 5.0mm


  • Light Source: 30W CREE XHP70 LED Capsule
  • Cool white 7000k as standard / warm white 3000k available on request
  • LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours (clause here) *
    * figure obtained under manufacture’s test conditions
  • F140 Very Narrow Lens – 13°
  • F100 Narrow Lens – 17°
  • F70 Medium Lens – 25°
  • F56 Wide Lens – 31° *
    *more suited to breakup gobos

F140 Lens

F70 Lens

F100 Lens

F56 Lens

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