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M20A Surface Mount LED Gobo Projector

The M20A is a compact and lightweight LED gobo projector designed for both permanent indoor installations and portable use. Its portability makes it ideal for meetings or events in small spaces, offering flexibility and convenience.

This projector boasts a high-quality optical system that produces crisp, vivid gobo images. The flat field ensures crystal clear projections right to the edge, enhancing visual impact and clarity.

Additionally, the M20A features an external adjustment mechanism that allows for simple changes to the gobo orientation.


  • High quality optical system offers sharp image quality
  • Low weight and compact design
  • External adjustment feature for changing gobo orientation
  • 350° rotation around vertical axis
  • 135° around horizontal axis, using spring loaded adjustable arm
  • 2 lens options – medium and wide
    (see “image size and brightness” below for photometric data)
  • Passive rear fin cooling making it suitable for indoor use
  • Available in black
  • 22W 50,000hr LED
  • Cool white LED as standard. Warm white available upon request
  • 24 month warranty
Projection Solutions: Logo projection for a business entrance | Exhibition display booths | Building tenant list | Directional signage | Image projection in bars or clubs | Events in small spaces eg. meeting rooms
fixture in use Specifications Image Size and Brightness downloads

Hand Washing Station | M20 with stock B&W glass gobo

Dexus Property Group | M20 with custom B&W glass gobo

Mirosuna | M20 with custom B&W glass gobo and warm filter

physical dimensions

  • Length (excluding lens): 220mm
  • Height: 190mm
  • Weight: 1kg


  • Australian standard 3 pin plug 240V AC
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Average power consumption: 25 watts


  • Outside diameter: 37.5mm (+0/-.03mm)
  • Maximum image diameter: 28mm (for flat field crisp projection eg logos)
  • Maximum thickness: up to 5.0mm


  • Light Source: 22W LED Capsule
  • Cool white 7000k as standard / warm white 3000k available on request
  • LED Lifetime: 50,000 hours*
    * figure obtained under manufacture’s test conditions

Medium Lens

Wide Lens

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