Dexus gobo projection onto top of stairs onto concrete floor


M20 Downlight LED Gobo Projector

This is one of our newer models, and so far, our customers are loving it! The M20 downlight steps it up in brightness from the 10W unit. So, this is going to work if you are mounting closer to the entrance where there is more natural sunlight, or if your ceiling height is more than the standard 2700m.

  • Lens: fixed 22°
  • Size: 210mm length | 100mm width | 500g weight
  • Lightsource: 25W cool white LED (warm white is available on request)
  • Gobo Size: 37.5mm OD | 28mm ID (for logo projection)

The M20 range is available in the following options:

Projection Solutions: Logo projection for a business | Directional signage | Floor or room number projections | COVID check in or distance signage