strike bowling bar laneways


Gobozoom USB 2.0

If you have ever been to a Strike Bowling Bar, then you would see the lane numbers being projected using the GoboZoom USB and our gobos. This fixture is also quite popular with DJ’s wanting to offer bride and grooms the option to project a design onto the dance floor and for businesses to take to events held in restaurants or bars.

The Chauvet GoboZoom USB is a super compact gobo projector with manual zoom and built-in rotation. DMX control or use as a standalone unit and program via the menu buttons on the rear. There is also an IRC-6 remote available as an optional extra.

The gobo size is quite small in this unit, with only a 19mm image area, so this needs to be taken into consideration if you are wanting to project very intricate designs. It also means that custom designs in steel are often not available. You can however use transparency film in this fixture for short-term projections.

  • Lens: 17° to 28° zoom
  • Size: 238mm length | 124mm width | 2.1kg weight
  • Gobo Size: 25.7mm OD | 19mm ID

Projection Solutions: Portable projector to take to events held in bars or restaurants | Small wedding venue setups for DJ’s wanting to project the couple’s names | Exhibition display booths | Logo/Image projection for businesses (indoor, low light areas)